transformationsBethAnne Kapansky Wright, Psy. D. is a Clinical Psychologist, Intuitive Healer, Author and Artist. She has been in the field of psychology for 20 years and specializes in transcendental psychology; her own unique blend, which combines her years of experience as a clinician in private practice with her intuitive gifts of channeling, empathy, and psychic sensing, facilitating a multidimensional approach to healing.

She offers consultation and guidance to help people discover their own soul path, to navigate transitions and life change, to actualize their own unique being and process in this world, and to connect with their own spiritual gifts. She works with the Akashic records to bring a greater sense of clarity and purpose to their journey.

griefcourse2She is the author of the award winning grief book, Lamentations of the Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss and letting go, and also specializes in working with individual’s going through grief and loss by facilitating a safe and sacred space for clients to work through their own grief experience, process their emotions, and find what they need for their healing journey.

She compassionately tailors each session to meet the individual’s needs. Sessions take place over the telephone or over skype. Please contact her at for inquiries and to schedule a session.


45 minute sessions- $100

60 minute sessions- $150

75 minute sessions- $200

90 minute sessions- $250