Mud or Stars

Spirit has its own timing for each of us. We sometimes want to be “there already” and somewhere other than where we are at. “Level up” without the work of going down into the tunnel of soul so we can dig for our truth and find the gems within.

The more you undergo this process, the more you realize there is no end when it comes to the soul, we are bottomless, and so there is always a deeper level to unravel; it is how we transcend our own prior gateways of self and expand our awareness into the infinite.

We get tripped up, because we think we’ve already done the work. We’ve already dug to our deep. We’ve already squished around in our mud and come back with the golden lotus. And yet, that’s often not how it works- there’s always deeper truths we are invited to realize.

And so if you identify as a light worker, if you identify as a healer, if you identify as somebody who is here to change the world for the better, then most likely you’ve had to dig. And dig. And keep digging. And every time life plunges you back into the mud, you wonder why you’re there, you wonder if you’re doing it wrong, you wonder if you missed the mark somehow.

Yet I would say you are right on target with your own soul growth. That anything falling apart is there so new space is created in your life. That’s it’s possible that the new space may be even greater than what you’ve already imagined, and is in perfect accordance with your own soul’s higher plans for self.

Don’t forget, we live on a planet of creative evolution. A planet who is always moving towards life and wellness, which means sometimes the planet itself has to purge and cleanse and dig and erupt in order to create space for and align itself with new life. And since we’ve been given a place on this planet, we too are tied into its creative process and are each involved in a creative evolution of self, which moves us towards new space, new life, and new alignment.

Which means whether you find yourself in the mud or the stars, you can always trust you are moving in the direction of wellness. Always.


2 thoughts on “Mud or Stars

    • Thank you! I wrote it back in March and just re-read it myself the other day and was thinking how applicable it still feels. I have a feeling this passage will keep ringing true time and time again, and I’m glad it offered support and comfort for you too right now!

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