December Update: Change is Nature’s Way

Change is nature’s way. So it is with the seasons, so it is with the passage of months, and so it is with us.

I’ve been quiet this past season on this website, I keep trying to get something started, but it hasn’t been quite right, and so I gain a little momentum and then lose my speed. Mixed into that has been the adjustment period that has come from leaving Alaska, moving to Kauai, and trying to find my way and my space again. These last 6 months have not been without some pretty big bumps and rocky roads, but I am here, and I am grateful.

It’s strange, how when you are trying to figure your life and yourself out, how many of your puzzle pieces are already laying on the board before you, but you can’t quite figure out how to arrange them to create the right picture. I’ve been trying to arrange my pieces of self into a picture these last months; I haven’t always seen the way of how to bring together my writing, my channeling work/intuitive healing, my art, and my path…

These last few months I finally started to see more clearly, and as such I have a few announcements to make!

First, I will be changing websites starting in January- is still under construction and not ready quite yet, but I’ll give notice here to redirect you to my new space on the web when she is. My new site will feature similar content with the addition of more information on my intuitive services, more of my own art and personality infused in the site, and information on my upcoming children’s books. (Also BethAnne K.W. is a shorter name, which I will be publishing children’s books under, since my last name is a mouthful!)

Which brings me to the second announcement: children’s books!!!! I have several in progress for children and/or your own inner child. “Tallulah Talks to Nature” will be out around February 2018. Fully illustrated and full of heart and whimsical wisdom, it is a story about a most unusual girl named Tallulah Twafflehoven who is able to talk/listen/hear/see things that most other people don’t. This book will be the first in a series of her adventures and experiences.

Last (and big deep breath), I finally found my courage and created my first video on the energy update for the upcoming week, which promises a lot of movement, clarity, and creativity. I will be doing these regularly and featuring the content on my YouTube station and my new site in the hopes the words help others as much as they help me. We are all in this together, supporting and sharing with one another as we can, and this is my way of trying to make a positive contribution. You can find the first video here.

Change is hard. Stepping into who we are even harder. It requires a lot of brave risk taking, mistake making, and learning to be okay with imperfections, not knowing, experimentation, and a lot of leaps into the unknown. But we are not meant to stay the same. We are meant for creative evolution of self.

Our path continually being created with each brave new step.

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