Orchids and Windows: from Revelations of The Light

Every month(ish) I do an excerpt from one of my books, and for November I thought I’d do a little something different, because it felt right to my heart, and share an excerpt from a book that is a work in progress. Though this is still in draft form, I wanted to post it anyways in the hopes the words would resonate.

The following is one of the passages from Revelations of The Light: 111 passages on soul, spirit, the afterlife, and finding my brother on the other side. Since today is 11/11, and that is a number associated with the angelic world, it seemed fitting to share a passage from this very special book.

The first part is a brief encounter with my brother, the second part, a channeling that came through directly after that. I hope the words bring some lightness to your heart and maybe a bit of guidance to connecting with someone you’ve loved if they are no longer with us. Because they are always with us, even on the other side. 

In peace and love,

“Orchids and Windows”

It’s a rainy day on the Moalepe trail, the red dirt slipping across the treads of my shoes, the wind gusting back and forth through the ancient trees. I’ve come to know that this trail is a place where I will usually hear from Brent, but so far there’s only a sense of light and peaceful silence. I pause to stop, take in the view, turn back to home when I notice a brilliant orchid gently growing wild, and there he is. Speaking into my mind.

“Hey little Sister- – look at that orchid. Remember Oriental Gardens?”

I smile,“Yeah, I do buddy. Thanks for the reminder.”

Then I’m swept back into memories from the past. The beautiful Asian restaurant my family celebrated birthdays and new years and special occasions at when we were growing up. Egg rolls and chow mein and fried rice; fresh orchids always waiting on the table of the private room we’d reserve with the sliding Japanese doors and dark wood. Brent always ordered steak teriyaki; myself, chicken; Mom tempura; while Dad opened fortune cookies and pretended to read funny fortunes with a wicked twist of humor.

We were our best selves there. Our family at its brightest where laughter and a lightness always abounded when we had cause to feast and celebrate. I remember, and I feel a sense of fondness, nostalgia, and love as Brent hums sweetly over while the memories sweep through me, the mud squishes under my feet, and the lavender scent of orchids follows me home.


When we focus on good memories, it raises our vibration, and it changes the kind of energy we emit, and when we do this we are better able to listen and hear from spirit, because we are that much closer to their frequency.

It’s not that spirit isn’t trying to speak to us or send us calming, loving energy when we’re sad, but when we’re sad it’s harder for us to hear, because it lowers our vibration. And it’s significant to note that it is essential not to negate the importance of sadness and grief as a very important experience that is there to help stretch and grow our hearts and souls and teach us about being human.

But when you are able to focus on the good, and you are able to look at the best of the relationship and remember silly memories, joyful memories, loving memories from that relationship, you are closer to accessing the energy of spirit, because you have raised your own energy field and your own vibration. And that makes it easier to have a sense of presence of your loved one.

In fact memories are a window. Good memories in particular allow us to see through a clearer lens.

So one helpful way to think about this is when you are focusing on negative thoughts about your loved one- like regret, believing they are angry at you, guilt, remorse, etc.- it’s going to make for a really cloudy window. So even if they were standing there in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to see them, because it’s so clouded with that lower energy. And though that energy is necessary at times as part of our emotional process, it is still a lower energy of looking down.

But when you focus on a memory that brings you joy, that brings you light, that brings you a sense of the best of who you were with your loved one, it’s almost like somebody take windex to that window and wipes it clean. And all the sudden you can see really clearly, and so it’s easier to get a sense of presence, to get a sense of their essence.

Maybe it comes in a thought and you notice that your heart feels warmer. Maybe it comes in a bittersweet memory, and even if you shed a few tears they are these tears of joy that that moment existed. Maybe you just have a strong sense of love.

Or you might, if you could liken it to a color, notice that you feel soft pink or bright white or amethyst or golden, or something that would represent a feeling of warmth and love and peace to you. Maybe you have a sense of angelic presence or nature or animal presence; these things can manifest in many ways depending on who you are and what particular gifts you’ve brought into this world and what perspectives and viewpoints you’ve developed.

But the important part is that when that window is clear, we are better able to sense and see and perceive the unseen world, especially those- our loved ones- on the other side.


(*Authors note: Revelations of the Light will be out sometime in 2018 or whenever it decides it’s finished revealing itself!)

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