Dialogues With Spirit: Tree Energy

I’ve recently started sharing weekly channelings on this site.

My hope is, as I continue to find my voice and confidence in sharing this information, to share on all sorts of topics from messages I’ve channeled to information on spiritual practices and developing intuitive/psychic/healing gifts. And maybe (if I get really brave) start to share channeled messages via video, since I think seeing a person and hearing their voice brings a sincerity and credibility to the words that feels different than just reading them.

But for now, baby steps since I was too scared to even mention these things so openly just a couple months back! And I’ll be sharing short written channelings under the topic “Dialogues With Spirit,” since that is how it feels to me when I’m working in the psychic field- like I’m having an ongoing conversation with spirit that ebbs and flows, starts and stops, and continues to become richer and deeper…

I have found that most messages I receive are helpful, practical, and filled with wisdom. They always come from a place and energy of love. Sometimes the ideas and concepts I already knew, but they come through in a new way that helps shift my perspective and expand my understanding, and sometimes the information is new to me entirely.

Maybe it’s because the trees are swaying in beautiful emerald and jungle green bursts outside my window, but for this week’s message, I got a strong vibe to talk about the trees, so I thought I would share a channeling below about tree energy.

Nature is always a portal to spirit. We can see and hear more clearly there, everything alive, everything breathing. If you notice how you feel before and after you go into a space in nature, you will generally find yourself feeling calmer and more nurtured. You will also find that it’s a place where you are more in touch with your own sense of light, inner knowing, and sense of spirit.

I am continually amazed by the depth of our earth and the voices and energies found within. I hope those who read these words find them helpful, and I hope you are able to draw on tree energy to ground and support yourself, as well as spend some time in nature this weekend to receive and listen.

Friday peace and love,

“Tree Energy”

Not enough people understand the power of tree medicine. They are your friends and here to support you- especially when you feel you are in need of support.

If you look at the essence of what a tree does, they really support the ecosystems on the earth. They support life, they are life, they grow life, they shelter life, they help nourish the soil upon which they stand- they help support and shelter life in many forms. And so the essence of a tree, the purpose of a tree, is really about supporting life, and they do this in multiple ways.

They help us recycle our thoughts by transforming them when we’re in their presence by turning bad thoughts into thoughts that are more helpful, calming, or solution focused. Pay attention to your thoughts when you are around the trees- especially the old ones trees, for they have a collective wisdom accumulated from all they have seen.

So part of of what we can draw on them for is as a support for ourselves. Whether that means hugging a tree or sitting under a tree or telling your problem to a tree- you don’t even have to say it out loud, you just have to think it. Whether that means looking at a tree and just noticing the bark or leaves and roots and thinking about what lesson it has for you about life and change and embracing wisdom. Whether it’s about standing tall or letting go, there’s hundreds of lessons a tree has to teach.

The purpose of a tree is to offer support, and they are here to support us as human beings and to support us in our own growth process and our own process of becoming, and to offer whatever calming, grounding influence that they can.

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