Dialogues With Spirit: Learning to Listen

Last week in my previous post I shared a little bit about my journey from psychologist to intuitive/psychic sensor and asked if anybody would be interested in reading channeled messages. Due to the positive response I received from that question, I will be sharing weekly messages on this site.

Information received in channelings is generally practical, useful, and it always comes from a space of love.

In fact, one of the ways I learned to intentionally channel and work with spirit was by learning to tap into the frequency of love, as if I were a radio transmitter who learned how to change my station and tune in to a feeling of unconditional love. Spiritual information is accessed at the frequency of love, so you would be amazed at what comes through when you take the time for stillness and focus on fostering the energy of love within and around yourself…

For today, this is the first in a series of messages called “Dialogues With Spirit.” This information was channeled yesterday by simply asking the question, what should I share on my site?, and the following is what came through. Take what resonates, leave the rest, and I hope you find these words as helpful and illuminating as I did.

In peace and love,

“Learning to Listen”

Part of learning to hear spirit is learning to clear our minds.

Perpetual busyness is like trying to let light into a room where stacks of clutter are piled in front of the windows- there may be a little light that breaks through, but it’s more difficult to see and your attention will be pulled to the clutter. So it is with hearing spirit- the more clutter in the room, the harder it is to receive the light.

Humanity has a desire to hear from spirit and part of what needs to happen individually, and as a whole, is a shift in the amount of things we’re filling our lives with. From objects to responsibilities, there is not enough room to fully hear spirit speak, and be assured that spirit is trying to speak to us all the time.

It’s not that spirit isn’t speaking- it’s that many have forgotten how to listen, and the ways they’ve chosen to fill their lives allows little space for listening.

There are many ways that people can begin to clear space. Space may be meditation time. It may be through a place of worship. It may be out in nature. It may be setting aside 15 minutes to breathe or to journal or to listen to music or just sit and be still.

Though each of you will find some settings more helpful than others, the how and where is less important than the intent, which is to open yourself up to listening during that time and then pay attention to what comes through.

We want everybody to know that they all have the ability to be connected to the voice of spirit. Some may have it more strongly than others and are called into the work of being channels and translators and mediums of information on a larger level, but everybody has intuitive abilities and the ability to receive messages from beyond-

And the first step in learning to tune in is allowing yourself space to listen.

2 thoughts on “Dialogues With Spirit: Learning to Listen

  1. Thanks for this, BethAnne. I have been struggling with my faith and spirituality for a long time. I know this is something I need to get back to. I went to church this past Sunday and felt really empty inside. I know that is not where my spirit lives.


    • I really understand that Robin having gone through something similar on my own journey. Sometimes we need to disconnect and step away from what isn’t soul nourishing in order to have the space (and the desire) to reconnect on a spiritual level. Thank you for sharing! ❤

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