New Autumn: September Updates

We are halfway through September, and though the island of Kauai does not have yellow leaves or orange foliage or that crisp scent in the air, the mornings are getting a bit cooler; the high 80’s of August are dropping to the low 80’s as the trade winds slowly return; and I wore a pair of sweat pants the other evening for the first time and didn’t get hot.

Fall is slowly arriving, in its own island form, and along with the shifts in the winds and the change in the tides comes new projects and new updates for the month of September…

First, I am so very pleased and happy to announce that “Hidden Lights: A Collection of Truths Not Often Told” (Golden Dragonfly Press, 2017) will be out this Tuesday, September 19th. Hidden Lights is an anthology project I’ve been working on, with my talented friend, author, and co-editor, Carolyn Riker, for the past 9 months, and we are both excited to see it  on the verge of publication.

For more information please check out our website or watch the book trailer.

Second, in an effort to do a little consolidation, try something new, and create a fresh space to reflect and honor this new chapter in life, I have created an author page over on facebook called Island Songs where I will be posting daily thoughts, musings, and inspirations. Please feel free to follow, connect, and join me over there.

Last, after all the changes moving to an island have wrought, I am slowly gathering my pieces, finding new footing, and turning my attention to new projects. At present I have a few articles- about trusting our intuition and learning to listen to spirit- in the works, a vague notion to self-publish a little rainbow book of wisdom in time for the holidays, and another poetry book in process for next spring.

Life these days is a juxtaposition of expansion and contraction; finding firm footing while still dissolving in the sea; taking the pieces of life’s recent deconstruction and continuing to reconstruct them into something new.

All the while the winds blow and a new autumn comes our way.  I can’t wait to see what changes it holds.

In Peace and Love,

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