Mosaics: Learning to Embrace Our Whole

There is a huge place for positivity in this world.

Rainbows and unicorns; finding happiness and pursuing joy. Good words of light and loving energy are like ice-cream sandwiches for the soul, and who doesn’t like a good old fashioned ice-cream sandwich?

But there is also a huge place for the dark.

For the mud disguised as dirt that is really a healing agent here to cleanse and exfoliate us. For the darkness that makes us search that much harder to find our starry diamonds in our heart’s sky so we can navigate in the black. For all the hard edges that sharpen what’s strongest in us and force us to actively choose the light.

Those dark periods in our life, they are not meant to be the destination, just part of the path as we keep moving towards our own personal becoming and spirit expansion and heart growth…

We are human; our depth of emotional experience is what makes us whole. And our journeys will keep us traveling, back and forth, from the light to the dark to every shade in between as we grow and become, in our human shells, the souls we are meant to be.

There is a season for everything; a reason for each aspect of ourselves; there’s no right or wrong way to be. Each piece of who we are makes up the greater mosaic of us makes up the greater mosaic of humanity, and there is truth in every piece.

Learn to live life in such a way as to embrace and find meaning in all that is shadow and all that is bright, from the gentle happy of a rainbow to the blackest hole that lines the night, and you will begin to find-

There is always a place for each of us, wherever and whatever space we find our self at, in this world.

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