Heliotrope Nights: My Serenity Prayer

These days, time is sneaking by so quietly I almost forgot to announce that I have a new book coming out tomorrow (here’s a sneak peek via the trailer)! My wonderful publisher timed the release for World Environment Day since Heliotrope Nights is a celebration of nature and spirit and soul.

The funny things about publication is that by the time the book is published you almost forgot the things you wrote, and I spent this last week reading the proof ,smiling fondly at the memories behind each of the pieces, remembering my own words, saying hello to some old friends.

I thought I’d share an excerpt this morning, which seems particularly timely for life right now and whose soothing words resonated in my heart last night when I read them. Reminding me that when we reach our own limits in an unmanageable space, it truly is okay to give ourselves permission to let go.

So here’s a short selection of prose for some Sunday soul food and thought.
In peace,

My Serenity Prayer

There are many words one can find to help bring them to a place of relinquishing control:

No. Just breathe. Go with the flow. Trust the process.

Allow. Peace. Receive.

Yes. Stay present. Just keep swimming. All will be well.

Amen. Namaste. Blessed be.

But lately, beneath a frost laced sky, and the dark of winter’s sheathe, I am finding that out of all the beautiful words that circle around me- offering their soothing advice on finding liberation and release- there is this simple phrase, that flies free on bird’s wings, which I keep coming back to again and again.

With palms open wide ready to redeem, ready to reprieve, ready to surrender all but the most cherished parts of me:

I no longer choose to manage this.

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