On Learning To “Love” Life

I don’t always like the phrase, “I love my life,” not because there is anything wrong with such a wonderful, grateful sentiment, but because it seems too absolute to me.

I always think about people who are struggling to find themselves in life. Or who might be having a bad day. Or who are having a bad season where the darkness of this world is more evident than the light.

It’s easy for any of us to lose perspective and have lows, especially when things aren’t going our way.

Sometimes life can be hard to love…

I don’t know that I can always say that I love my life, but I can say I am in a love relationship with my life, which continues to evolve daily. I see loving life not as a permanent state, but as a continual relationship we develop with our existence. Marked by ups and downs, punctured by aches and pains, sustained by resilience and beauty and the choice to keep engaging with life day after day.

It is letting our softness chisel away at our angles and plains making us gentler, wiser , more compassionate, more rounded. It is imperfect and messy with lots of room for doubts and lots of room for growth. It is remaining open, adaptable, and gracious by learning to accept the whole of our experience- not just the parts we like.

To me that is the real journey of authentic love for our lives. Learning to embrace the whole of ourselves, not turning our backs to, or beating up on, or denying the parts we don’t like in order to prove we are enough. And continuing to find gratitude for the mere grace of our existence, even when that existence is hard.

So whether you’re happily sitting on cloud 9 right now, because life has been a bit extra magical as of late, or whether you find yourself at the other end of the spectrum where you’d like to curl up in your blanket fort and stay there for the next month eating rocky road ice cream and crying over sad movies-

Keep heart and stay your course.

You are authentic, valid, beautiful. And your act of continuing to engage in life IS an act of love for you existence.

No matter where you find yourself.

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