Finding the origins of creativity can be challenging.

Where do we find muse and genesis?

The best thing that I know to say about that is that sometimes you have to get busy with the art of living and creating by simply digging deep inside yourself. Nourishing a relationship with your own spirit. Nurturing a connection with your soul. Finding the courage to excavate your own heart so you become well acquainted with its contents.

Because our experience of the external world is a reflection of our experience of our internal world. And we will find that Life will only be as expansive, open, loving, beautiful, compassionate, and filled with possibilities as our relationship with our selves.

Our inner world becoming the lens through which we view the physical world.

There are days where my well feels dry, where I’m out of ideas, and where I feel sad and hopeless and adrift in this world. And when I stay too long out there, and forget about what is in here, I disconnect from my own origins and the ultimate source of where creativity lies-


If we want art then we must learn to be the art. If we want nuance then we must not be scared of our own shades of self. If we want fluidity and expansion and to learn to push the bounds- then we must be fearless in discovering and cultivating those qualities inside of ourselves.

So we will find it is with Life and Our World-

If we want change then we must learn to be the change. If we want diversity we must welcome diversity within the self. If we want more, we must challenge ourselves to grow and learn to become more.

If we want kindness. If we want compassion. If we want love. If we want joy. If we want mercy. If we want grace. If we desire greater for our lives, for each other, for humanity- then we must keep learning to drop out of our heads and into our hearts.

Then listen to the words written upon each beat- I AM, I Breathe, I Live, I Be- reminding us of who we are, so we can keep learning to become the genesis of our own creation.

Because in the end, our globe, our art, our actions, our heart- will only be as beautiful as we.

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